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The Free skills acquisition program of Millennium Africa Global Initiative is a deliberate attempt by the non state actor a private sector approach to alleviate the unemployment problem of the state.

After a feasibility study had been carried out, a priority area where mapped out to intervened in this critical sectors such as Catering, Tailoring, Cosmetic/Detergent, Shoe and Bag making, Computer, Interior Decoration, Programming and Video Coverage.

The Beneficiaries who are drawn from the three geopolitical zone of the state are selected base on interest and criteria for acquiring a skill.

The selection of the skills and beneficiaries is done in accordance with the zonal system in the state as follows Zone A had 99 beneficiaries, Zone B had 173 beneficiaries while Zone C had 197 beneficiaries. In the Skills sector,Catering had 73 beneficiaries, Tailoring had 161, Cosmetic/ Detergent had 28, Shoe and bag making had 68, Computer had 91, Interior Decoration have 18, Programming 14, Video coverage 16, bringing it to total of 469 across the three geopolitical zones.

The Millennium Africa Global Initiative currently as the only private sector actor in Niger State in the empowerment project had been consistently trained will be graduated 469 trainees for the second batch which started since 4th of June 2018 on the 2nd of August 2018.

Millennium Africa Global Initiative training timing is done using the standard best practice of 8am to 3pm from Monday to Saturday every week of the month.

  • In conclusion, we hope that we will receive the maximum support of all stakeholders to ensure that the  Millennium Africa Global Initiative fulfils their objective. We urge every stakeholder to support entrepreneurship and innovativeness of the youths. By empowering the youths, you are solving over 70% of the problem of the society. So all hands must be on deck to address this menace

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