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Niger Turns Government Day Secondary School Baro Round 36 Years After! Converted to Boarding and Science College.

By Abdullberqy U Ebbo

Government Day Secondary School, Baro, in Agaie Local Government is today wearing a bright new and attractive look 36 years after its establishment. This is no magic. It is a result of the midas touch of and much in line with Niger State Governor Abubakar Sani Bello, who in line with his now familiar turn-around tradition, has brought change to very many an initially abandoned and long neglected institution across the state.

Baro Secondary School, as it’s populary called, was built way back 36 years ago and has since then remained untouched, un-renovated, neglected, abandoned, dilapidated and decrepit. No blown off roof replaced, no fallen or cracked wall reconstructed or renovated, no washed away pathway reworked. Could such a picture be imagined? Such was the picture that has now been turned round and around!

Baro Science College is also one of the many ongoing whole school renovation approach scheme of the Gov, a project meant to smarten education system, lesson the burden on space, even while making needy learners the central focus and beneficiaries of an ingenuous teaching and learning system.


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